beautiful fisheyes

Ep 139

Usagi’s fourth most worn outfit.  Also seen in ep 95114, 119, 127129, 132, 133, 134, 139

Ep 136

Chibiusa wears these pajamas in ep 123, 126, 127128, 129, 135, 136, 137, 138

ep 136

Ami wears this outfit in ep 128, 136, 166, 174, SMR movie
Makoto wears this outfit in ep 128, 136, SMR movie
Rei wears this outfit in ep 128, 136, SMR movie
Usagi wears this outfit in ep 128, SMR movie
Minako wears this outfit in ep 128, 136, SMR movie
Mamoru wears this outfit in ep 60, 61, 64-65, 69, 75, 89, 97, 109, 136-137, 142, 143

A message from Anonymous
Do you know what kind of dress does Queen Serenity wears?

Queen Serenity as in the Queen of the Moon Kingdom and the mother of Princess Serenity during the Silver Millennium?  
She wears a white sleeveless mermaid dress with a neckline that goes straight across (I think the term is bateau?).  Across her neckline is layered with a strip of cloth and there is a bow on top placed in the front.  In the middle of the bow, there is a yellow wet moon / Cheshire moon.  
On the back of her dress there is a bow with very long tails.  Everything about her dress is white except for the yellow moon on her chest.  

The dress between the manga and the anime is also exactly the same.  
Actually, the overall appearence between the anime and manga is amazingly the same.  The only difference is that manga Queen Serenity has white/silver hair and anime Queen Serenity has pale purple hair.